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Xinyu 220 Enameled Copper Wire with UL certification

Characteristic of Xinyu 220 Enameled Copper Wire:

The product can work continuously under 200C and has excellent properties of heat resistance,resistence to refrigerators,chemical and is suitable for the motors of compressors and air-conditioners and rolling mill motor working in adverse and high-quality power tools and light fitting and special power tools of aerospace,nuclear industry,steel-smelting and coal cutting and canned motor pump and automotive motor,etc.

PRODUCT :Enameled copper wire

STANDARD : IEC 60317-13

DATE : 28th,Jun.,2017

TYPE :Q(ZY/XY)-2/220

SIZE : 1.400mm

Type: Q(ZY/XY)-2/220

Standard in accordance with : IEC 60317-13

Features of enameled copper wire:

1) Excellent resistance to abrasion and solvent

2) Excellent electricity performance

3) Excellent heat shock, adherence and flexibility

4) High cut through

Applications of Copper Enameled Wire

Display/laptop PC and tablet PC/flat panel display

Smart phone/cell phone

Flat screen TV/ professional TV

Printer/scanner/fax machine/copier

Sound box/acoustics

MP3, MP4 ,CD,DVD player

Digital camera

Robot/ industrial /projector /handy terminal /amusement

Car electronics

Toy for children

AV equipment/ medical equipment/ digital measurement instrument

Xinyu Enameled Wire company is always committed to producing various specifications (0.18~6.50mm) and temperature levels (130~220C) of enameled aluminum wire, enameled copper wire, enameled copper clad aluminum wire(ECCA). Welcome your visit.

Greentel Fiber Optic Splice Closure Meet Five Performance Requirements

The function of the Fiber Optic Splice Closure is to protect the optical fiber and optical fiber connector from impacts such as vibration, punching, bending, etc., and to prevent moisture. The splice box and the terminal box are different, and the fiber optic splice closure is fully sealed to be waterproof but it cannot fix the pigtail. The terminal box is not waterproof, the internal structure can be fixed on one side of the cable, one side can be fixed pigtails, in which the two ends of the optical fiber fusion, but the fiber optic splice closure is fiber optic cable and pigtail welding, the latter is the fusion between fiber optic cable.

Therefore, the fiber optic splice closure should have the following properties:

1. Good sealing. Optical fiber transmission attenuation has close relationship with waterproof performance, so the fiber optic splice closure should have good gas-tight and waterproof performance, general requirements within 20 years can effectively waterproof, moistureproof and prevent the harmful gas invasion.

2. Good mechanical performance. The fiber optic splice closure must have certain mechanical strength to ensure that the optical fiber performance will not be affected when the pressure applied on the optical fiber joint reaches 70% of its strength.

3. Long-term corrosion resistance. At present, most of the cases of fiber optic splice closures are made of plastic products. In addition to corrosion resistance, the materials’ aging resistance and insulation performance should meet the 20-year life requirements.

4. The fiber optic splice closure should be easy to disassemble and the material can be reused.

5. The fiber optic splice closure should be as light as possible to reduce the labor intensity and shorten the operation time.

The fiber optic splice closure is suitable for the direct connection and branch connection of overhead, pipeline, direct buried and other laying methods of various structural optical cable. The box body is made of imported reinforced plastic with high strength and corrosion resistance. The terminal is suitable for the connection in the terminal room of the structural optical cable. supplies a variety of quality Fiber Optic Splice Closure for different application.

Inline Closure Need These Performance Requirements

There are two types of fiber optic splice closures: Inline Closure and dome fiber closure. Ordinary fiber optic splice closures include pipe fiber optic cables. The horizontal type is more choice because it is more convenient to install and fix, but it will directly eroded to the fiber core after seepage (water vapor). ADSS and OPGW cable Generally, there are more cap types. Although the installation is complicated, the leakage prevention performance is good. Even if water vapor enters the fiber optic splice closure, there will be water at the bottom of the fiber optic splice closure, which generally has a low probability of affecting the fiber core. Especially in the southern regions where there is more rain and the air is humid, caps are preferred.

The function of the fiber optic splice closure is to protect the optical fiber and optical fiber connector from vibration, stamping, bending, etc. and prevent moisture.

Therefore, the fiber optic splice closure should have the following properties:

  1. Good sealing. The transmission loss of optical fiber is closely related to the waterproof performance. Therefore, the fiber optic splice closure must have good air-tightness and waterproof performance. Generally, it is required to effectively waterproof, prevent moisture, and prevent the intrusion of harmful gases within 20 years.
  2. Better mechanical properties. The fiber optic splice closure must have a certain mechanical strength to ensure that the pressure exerted by the optical cable connection reaches 70% of its strength, and the optical fiber performance therein is not affected.
  3. Long-term corrosion resistance. At present, the outer shell of most fiber optic splice closures uses plastic products. In addition to corrosion resistance, the aging resistance and insulation properties of the materials should meet the 20-year life expectancy.
  4. The splice box should be easily removable and the material can be reused.
  5. fiber optic splice closures should be as light as possible to reduce the labor intensity at the time of connection and shorten the operation time.

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Protean Cogs Invention Comes to Treasure Hunter

Invention is advancing to Treasure Hunter! 00:00 UTC on Kiln 26th January until 23:59 UTC on 30th January, ambitious inventors will be able acquisition capricious cogs in Alice’s chests.

RS gold  4rsgold can be supplied anytime.

Much like added capricious items, artlessly use these stackable beauties your account for a abiding beck of XP.

Note that alone those who accept apart the Invention accomplishment by commutual the tutorial will be able to use the cogs.

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Other capricious items will be available, too, and it will be accessible to catechumen added proteans to cogs at the accepted 3:2 barter rate.


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Runecape 2007 The Month Ahead December 4rsgold

Christmas runecape gold, the Deadman Finale, and a glimpse at Raids! There’s a whole host of things to look forward to in December.

Raids Development Update

Work on Raids is approaching the final touches!.

Bosses are being polished, rooms tweaked and balancing tested as we head towards the launch at the start of January. You’ve already met some of the bosses like Tekton & Olm, but we’ve been releasing some details of others, in case you missed it, here is the sinister “Vasa Nistirio”, along with a little bit of back story for the deranged ex-priest.

Early on in the month we’ll be ready for the raids Load Test. This is where we’ll need your help in order to ensure everything goes smoothly when Raids launches in early January. As a stress test, players will be able to utilise the new group-finding system and explore some of the environments in which you’ll be adventuring come Raids.

You won’t be able to take on the challenges of the dungeons yet, as we’re saving that for the full launch.

There’s also one more feature of the load test…

Tournament World

Sharpen your blades and refrigerate your Ice Barrages, it’s PvP time!

The world used for the load test will also be home to a Tournament World. These highly-anticipated worlds allow players to engage in risk-free PvP.

With maxed accounts and access to the tournament supply chests, you’ll have the ability to handcraft your perfect set up every time, meaning everything comes down to skill.

Whether you’ve been playing Old School Runescape for a week or a decade, tournament worlds are the perfect way to develop and hone your PvP abilities. Or just cause some carnage in the arena.

This will only be available for the duration of the load test! So make sure to get your fill before the Tournament World disappears again.

Deadman Winter Invitational

One of the most electrifying seasonal events is back.

Join the hundreds of thousands who have watched the sensation that is Deadman. Live from the ESL Studio, we’ll be bringing you the final hour of Season 3. Culminating in a lethal showdown for a grand prize of $10,000!

Over the course of five days, the top 2,000 players from the recent Deadman Season will build up accounts on a brand new Deadman world.

After five days fog will begin to descend on the world, killing players in its path. Respawning will be disabled, every Deadman will be forced into a small area and, with $10,000 going to the last Deadman alive, they will be forced to fight.

The events of the final hour will be streamed live from the RuneScape Twitch channel on Saturday December 17th. Do not miss out on the action – be sure to watch the mayhem unfold!

We’ve partnered up with the world’s largest esports organization, ESL, to make the Deadman Invitational all it can be. For the first time ever, you can join us in person live at the ESL Studio to witness the mayhem unfold!

Get exclusive access to the Old School team, your favourite players, and other passionate Old School RuneScape fans at what promises to be an incredible event. To join us, get your tickets here or just click the image below!

Tomorrow the top 2,000 Deadman Seasonal players will be receiving their invites confirming that they have qualified for the Winter Invitational. If you’re expecting to be invited, keep an eye on your RuneScape message centre inbox for further details!

Christmas 2016

We head to Mount Quidamortem for a festive tale.

The end of December is all about Christmas. One thing that we can reveal is that you’ll be heading to Mount Quidamortem for our festive tale this year! But more on that later.

In addition to this, look out for community events as well as your favourite J-Mods and Players spreading some Christmas cheer through use of the holiday spawner! There’ll be party hats, santa hats, crackers and more appearing throughout the holiday season.

In addition to this, you’ll have the chance to earn all the other Christmas rewards from previous years. We’ll go into greater detail about this years Christmas event in a later post, but we’re very excited.

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Neverwinter: I forwarded the accomplished thread

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Did they absolutely about-face off the auction one hour early?What the everloving hell is up now?Nothing adjoin you alone but theyre consistently “looking into it.” Maybe you can canyon forth that players feel they could accord a applesauce about us they just wish money.

I forwarded the accomplished thread. Admitting honestly, I anticipate players aswell misunderstand how abundant plan goes into things like this. It’s bad all about if things go wrong, not just for the players, but for the devs as well.

Oh I’m abiding there’s a ton of plan complex but what’s the faculty in catastrophe a auction early? Who would account from that? Certainly not us. They’re consistently alteration things about in the bold and none of it seems to buy Neverwinter zen account the players. I can’t acquaint you how abounding tickets I’ve beatific it stemming aback to the atramentous wards abortion just to get no response. This is the alone bold I’ve played that is about themselves and not the players. Afresh this is my opinion.

Its not like the assured it on purpose.

No, but with the account maintenance, they should not accept chock-full the auction an hour early. An hour earlier, in theory, cipher could log on because of the server maintenance. So appropriate if the servers are appointed to go aback up, they abandon the sale.

I already spent all my AD and Zen, but this weekend was ancestors time, so I about got time to play. Fabricated up for absent time on Mon, and was planning on traveling aback afterwards the aliment for an hour just to see if there was annihilation abroad I needed/wanted. Sadly, I do not charge annihilation that abominably at abounding price.

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MMogo Dofus – Afin de répondre à cette demande

Annoncé brièvement dans la Lettre de ToT à la communauté,Acheter Dofus Kamas découvrez dès maintenant davantage d’informations sur le nouveau Annual à venir : le Transfert de personnage vers un autre compte !

Vous avez été nombreux ces dernières années à commonsense demander la possibilité de continuer à jouer vos différents personnages MAIS pas sur le compte où vous les avez créés à l’époque, et ce cascade différentes raisons : vous avez changé de compte principal, vous souhaitez récupérer l’intégralité de votre expérience sur un compte aujourd’hui délaissé, ou acclamation vous avez deux cool personnages sur un même compte et vous regrettez de ne pas pouvoir les jouer en même temps…

Afin de répondre à cette demande, commonsense avons réfléchi à un nouveau Annual à vous apostle qui puisse satisfaire votre besoin acclaim en assurant la sécurité de vos comptes. A compter de la semaine prochaine, vous pourrez donc découvrir le annual « Transférer un personnage vers un autre compte » dans la Boutique.


Grâce au transfert de personnage d’un compte à un autre, vous serez en mesure d’exporter le personnage de votre choix sur un compte précis, ainsi que l’ensemble des objets de son inventaire, sonmode marchand, l’intégralité de sa progression dans le jeu (succès et quêtes), ses kamas, ses montures, sa guilde et/ou son alliance.

Les objets déposés en hôtel de vente, la maison, le Havre-Sac et la banque du personnage ne seront assistant à eux pas transférés ; vous serez néanmoins ne mesure de combler acclaim oubli de ce blazon via l’interface d’échange sur le serveur (exception faite du Havre-Sac).

Le annual sera disponible dans la Boutique au prix de 15.000 Ogrines.

Afin de l’utiliser, vous devrez être en mesure de certifier votre compte de réception et assurer lacorrespondance des informations des différents comptes.

En d’autres termes ; le personnage Pinpindu59 du compte Dofus Kamas pas cher —PinPin— appartenant à Bernard Dupond ne pourra migrer vers —PinPin2— que si son propriétaire est également Bernard Dupond.

A noter que le transfert d’un personnage ne pourra s’opérer qu’entre deux comptes appartenant à la même communauté sur un même serveur.

Am I accomplishing my algebraic wrong

I’m a American. Am I accomplishing my algebraic wrong? RS Gold Or Jagex just anticipate we Americans are that dumb? I mean..some accustomed Americans are ignorance, don’t care, don’t wanna see facts and logic…

It said 30% off. But I alone saw $10 off? Cuz I see $79.99.

$89.99. 30% out of $89.99 is 26.997.

Now we do this…

$89.99- 26.997 = $62.993. So, it should be $62.99.

So, this is apocryphal ad? Or what? At atomic say this Jagex,”Everybody get 30%. Not for Americans. You guys get $10 off.”

As defined in the FAQ, The 30% abatement is in appliance to the one ages alternating associates at the accepted amount for 12 months, which is the a lot of accepted associates amalgamation sold.

As explained in addition thread:

Jossilyn said:

Players purchasing the Gold Arch associates amalgamation are accepting a 30% abatement instead of the accepted 20% abatement of a abounding year purchased all at once.

$9.49 USD is the approved account associates amount as acquaint on the associates amount page.

$9.49 * 12 = $113.88 is what it would amount players affairs ages to month

12 ages approved abatement = $89.99 (20%)

Gold Arch = $79.49 (30% discount)

Hmm candidly in my assessment thats a bit of an exaggeration. If you’re affairs a gold, the agnate is 12 month, not monthly. Both are the longest commitments.

Comparing gold amount to account isn’t realllly commensurable because few humans in fact pay for 12 months of account associates (I’d say at least. Already you apprehend you are committed and accept played a few months argumentation dictates you go up to buy 2007RS Gold 3 or 12 months.)

Personally, instead of accepting base with business I’d rather they be honest about the absolute abatement on the 12 ages arch from the added 12 ages package, and just accent that it’s cheaper than endure year.

Introducing the CS:GO Weapon Case

Source had been hit decidedly harder by the 2008 annihilation of the Championship Gaming League, the better aggressive alliance for the game, and aboriginal CSGO Skins (generally referred to as “1.6” by players), was getting eclipsed in the accessible eye by the RTS and MOBA esports du jour.

On top of the bigger-than-ever clash cost pools, this has accustomed esports organizations a way to sustainably play Counter-Strike for a living, even if they’re not acceptable every accident they attend.The huge success of reside alive platforms like Twitch, conceivably added than annihilation else, has been an astronomic active force abaft the adeptness of esports to adeptness a added admirers than anytime before.

Introducing the CS:GO Weapon Case, comprised actually of pistol finishes, including finishes for the new CZ75-Auto Skins.Other casework and platforms do their allotment as well.I anticipate you do accept to accede things like the action sites.

Smith animadversion that Valve has taken all our criticism to heart.The bold that came out a brace years ago is not the bold we’re arena now, and that’s amazingly cool.It took consistently to get things patched – it was association driven. It was fine, it thrived after them, but to accept developer abutment of your bold – abnormally an esport – is an absurd added bonus, abnormally nowadays.

Now, a beginning amend has just been arise by Valve, via Reddit, and one of the capital aspects anchored by it is the matchmaking system, which helps players acquisition new servers and matches online.

We play CSGO regularly

We play CS:GO Skins regularly but always thought paying for skins was absolutely inessential to the game so never really looked into it.Let’s do some research and find out which in-game skins are ranked as the most expensive and popular with the players. Note that the list does not include any souvenir weapon skins.

Now for the skins, i like the boom over lightning strike, and for the ak, case hardened looks very skecthy but red laminate looks sick, but u cant really tell the difference in the pov, idk.

But, if anything, the sheer size of it is a liability that dwarfs the advantage of basically being able to pelt the courts with defense lawyers in perpetuity.

Valve has, basically, gotten away with the greatest possible trick a company can pull off: a way to automatically make fortunes hand over fist without having to lift a finger of their own – after programming everything necessary in the first place, at any rate.

Exactly how it’s getting done is up for debate – as you’d expect there’s a lot of speculation. We shan’t add to that here, so suffice it to say that the conspiracy theorists are already out in force.This product includes random AWP Skins.And every other AWP skin in the game!

Some of these are so rare they’re worth upwards of a thousand dollars, so the community and Valve take messing with them very seriously. However, duping is still occuring and some are predicting a serious problem if it isn’t fixed soon.