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Runescape gold Shattered Worlds

Stride into the Abyss for madcap battles in Shattered Worlds runescape gold : the new combat minigame.

Slaughter your way through procedurally generated maps packed with a mash-up of RuneScape environments, enemies and mutator effects, surviving ever-increasing difficulty for as long as you possibly can.

Push your limits in this test of skill, adaptability and endurance and claim some amazing new rewards, including sigils: new gear that grants powerful temporary effects.

How to start

Speak to the Abyssal Knight Commander in Lumbridge Swamp.

RuneScape Membership

There are no level requirements, but level 40 in at least one combat skill is recommended.

Reality as we know it teeters on the edge of a seething mass of chaos: the Abyss. Once kept at bay by powerful magical seals, it now threatens to boil over into Gielinor.

In aid of the Abyssal Knights, you’ll enter Shattered Worlds alone, and fight through bizarre maps filled with strange creatures. You may bring your own gear and consumables, or be provided with some gear to use while you’re there. Note that should you bring your own gear, it will still degrade as applicable, and consumables will be used as normal.

As you progress through the worlds, not only will the difficulty increase, but mutators will be applied – persistent effects which change how you and/or your enemies behave for the duration of your run.

You might find yourself vampyric – able to leech the life force of your foes…or you might find that enemies explode into hordes of zombie chickens when you kill them. These – and many stranger things – await you when you step through the portal.

Eventually, you will fail – but fear not. Shattered Worlds is safe death, and the challenge lies in defeating your personal best score – and those of your friends.

You’ll find three weekly challenges to test your mettle, and earn you bonus rewards. Try the gold challenge for a real test of your combat skill!

Brave Shattered Worlds and the rewards will be rich. You’ll receive reward currency (and a rare chance at a pet) in a chest at the end of your run. Speak to the Quartermaster outside the Shattered Worlds entrance to spend your reward points.

These new pieces of gear give powerful benefits when activated – either the hotbar or the Worn interface itself. They have no passive benefits – it’s all about the active effects. They sit in an all-new equipment slot.

Activating a sigil puts it on cooldown, along with all other sigils. No swapping out to stack effects – you’ll need to choose what you want to use carefully.

Sigils have charges, and can be recharged at the entrance to Shattered Worlds. We may introduce sigils in the future that degrade to dust.

As for the sigils released today, there are three:

Sigil of Slaying – Increases earned Slayer XP by 10% for 30 seconds. Sigil slot cooldown for 60 seconds.
Ferocious Sigil – Kuradal’s slayer dungeon NPCs will instantly respawn on death for 30 seconds. Sigil slot cooldown for 60 seconds.
Aggression Sigil – Immediately forces nearby monsters to attack you. Sigil slot cooldown for 20 seconds.


There are two new combat techniques to be learned, too:

Bladed Dive | Basic Ability, 65 Attack, Dual Wielding
Leap towards the target location or enemy. If an enemy is targeted, you’ll deal damage to it and all adjacent enemies upon arrival. If enemies hit by Bladed Dive die within 3 seconds, Bladed Dive’s cooldown is reset. Note that Bladed Dive does not share a cooldown with Barge, Escape or Surge.

Salt the Wound | Threshold Ability, 60 Ranged
Deals 188% weapon damage to the target, plus an additional 18% weapon damage per stack of Punctured on the target. This also refreshes the duration of Punctured.

When purchased, also upgrades your existing Dazing Shot to apply the Punctured status effect. Punctured stacks up to 10 times and deals a small amount of damage over time.
Slayer Masks
All previously released slayer masks are available for purchase at the Shattered Worlds reward store.

Note that it is not possible to acquire additional copies of masks the store, nor are spirits of battle available.
The Abyssal Hound is a rare drop Shattered Worlds reward chests (which can be opened after completing a run of worlds or after completing a weekly challenge).

The evolving Anima Creature can be purchased the Shattered Worlds reward store. The pet has nine tiers which can be purchased, each of which changes its appearance.
And more!

That’s not all – there’s also cosmetic Abyssal Knight armour overrides, Slayer XP lamps, and Slayer contracts to be completed within Shattered Worlds.

Whew! That’s a lot to take in – but Shattered Worlds is one heck of an update. You’ve never experienced RuneScape combat like this before, so buckle up and have fun.

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Runescape Gold Client of Kourend

You can start the client of Kourend quest by talking to Veos on the Piscarillius Pier runescape gold. There are no requirements to start this quest.

If you complete the client of Kourend quest, you’ll receive the following rewards:

Two experience lamps which provide 500 XP each.

An instant 20% favour increase in any house within Great Kourend.

Permanently doubled rate of gaining favour in all houses within Great Kourend.

Slayer Tower Bonus

Previously, completing the elite Morytania Achievement Diary has rewarded you with 10% increased Slayer experience when completing an assignment within the Slayer Tower.

We’ve now added a similar reward to the lower tiers of the Morytania Achievement Diary, with the easy, medium and hard diaries offering 2. 5%, 5% and 7. 5% Slayer experience boosts respectively.

In other news

Cerberus will now play a sound when she performs her flame attack.

The message displayed when killing the Black Knight Titan in Nightmare Zone is now filtered by the game message filter.

Chaeldar can now assign TzHaar as a Slayer task, for players who have unlocked that assignment on the rewards menu. Her TzHaar task sizes range 90 to 150. She also offers the chance to go for TzTok-Jad.

The Grand Exchange teleports now take you closer to the clerks. On PvP worlds this will put you within the safe area.


Removed a reference to the TzHaar-Mej when completing Karamja Achievement Diaries

The Easter Egg helmet will now remove the players’ hair temporarily when worn.

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Runescaep Rainbow’s End Treasure Hunter

Pick up rare rainbow prizes on Treasure Hunter 12th April at runescape gold 00: 00 game time to 17th April at 23: 59 game time.

Prizes can be multiplied by up to 7 times, so get opening those brightly coloured chests!


While opening the rainbow chests, you can win multiplier tokens, which unlock massive multipliers on your prizes for the rest of the promotion – up to a whopping x7!

This multiplier applies to everything on Treasure Hunter (except for multiplier tokens themselves), so upgrade it as far as you can for maximum benefit!

Spectrum-Spanning Style

Look out for rainbow-themed prizes including a cape and necklace. These eye-catching items are sure to make you stand out the crowd. They’re tradeable rares, too, and are sure to be highly sought after.

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“With the Java applicant we’d appealing abundant hit assimilation point in every way; there was no added allowance to manoeuvre,” advance cartoon developer David Gillham says of RuneScape’s crumbling foundation.

“The new C++ applicant gives us easier admission to all the latest apprehension technologies, which we’re now able to yield advantage of with our new architecture, lighting and post-processing pipeline.

“The next annular of graphical upgrades will cover accustomed maps, beyond textures, point ablaze shadows, atom lighting, physically-based shading, bigger volumetrics and added bigger all-around illumination. We’ve aswell got affairs to add abutment for the Vulkan apprehension API to abate disciplinarian CPU aerial even further.”

It’s this endure point that stands out as one of the key achievements of NXT. By switching to a C++ abject over RuneScape’s Java origins, Gillham and his aggregation were able to accomplish the a lot of of avant-garde accouterments setups.

“With the new NXT applicant we’re abundant beneath CPU-bound than with Java,” Gillham explains. “We’ve decidedly bargain draw calls which accept a big CPU hit, abnormally if drivers are ailing implemented. Our activating geometry batching arrangement is partly amenable for this, forth with our new avant-garde activating amalgam occlusion alternative system, acceptation we’re appointment abundant beneath to the GPU per apple breadth than in Java. We’re aswell authoritative actual acceptable use of SSE breadth it counts and our anamnesis administration is so abundant added able than in Java.

“We get abundant added blast for blade on the GPU as we’ve decidedly bargain amplify through bigger sorting, and our batching decidedly reduces GPU ambience switching. On top of that, we’ve absolutely rewritten all our shaders from blemish and optimised the hell out of them.”

Adapting an engine from RS Gold year to year can about be claiming abundant for devs, as they chase to break advanced of the fast-evolving attributes of gaming accouterments while accompanying ambidextrous with the assorted quirks new tech can acquaint to code. Such problems are affronted as time goes on, authoritative Jagex’s 15-year bound a adventure abounding with hurdles – some of them self-inflicted.

“Like abounding success belief in our industry, RuneScape has acquired by itself rather than through accurate planning,” Burnett observes. “Throughout its 15 years we accept afflicted abounding things and acclimatized abounding times. Sometimes this has been a alive footfall forward, but on abounding occasions we accept just formed about an absolute problem.

“Much of our bold agreeable is advised in a address that counterbalanced out issues with our accepted tech. It ability be a accuracy is set abounding times college than it should be or buy runescape money an annual is rotated to the amiss bend to counter-act some continued continuing cipher error. Producing a new cede engine advised to draw things ‘correctly’ that aswell supports this history makes for a difficult task.

“Our aim was to aftermath as few compromises as accessible and abstain the chat ‘hack’ at all cost. We formed acutely harder with accent mapping and colour alteration to accomplish the aftereffect attending and feel like the fantasy apple our players accept developed to love.”

Changing a game’s engine doesn’t just affect the way it looks – it can aswell accept knock-on furnishings on gameplay elements such as bridge and combat. Burnett explains how his aggregation retained the bulk ‘feel’ of RuneScape.

“We are advantageous in some respects that our applicant doesn’t ascendancy the gameplay,” he says. “All the argumentation is controlled at the server end. However, the affectation of what is traveling on and if things appear has been rebuilt from the arena up. It took accurate plan and abundant testing to ensure that the aforementioned ‘feel’ is there.

“That said RSGOLDAZ, there are affluence of places breadth a accurate side-by-side allegory will appearance things hardly different. Breadth this is analytical we attending to acclimate the content, rather than the code, to ensure it works as it should. We accept apparent a few locations of the animations that formed by blow rather than design. As we abound into our new applicant we will now accept a belvedere to boldness those issues.”