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Winter Sweepstakes | Win a Gaming PC and Phone

Christmas is just around the corner. The sweet sound of wrapping paper being torn to bits approaches. As does the disappointment of discovering you’ve received another sweater from your aunt!  Or Buy RS Gold at

Fortunately we’re here to help by offering you the chance to win a Chillblast Gaming PC or a Razer Phone 2! We’ll also throw in 6 months of RuneScape membership for good measure.

Entering our Winter Sweepstakes couldn’t be simpler. All you have to do is follow the links below and fill in the competition form for a chance to win. It’s as simple as that!

RS Winter Sweepstake – WIN a Chillblast Gaming PC + 6 Month Membership

OSRS Winter Sweepstake – WIN a Razer Phone 2 + 6 Month Membership

Want to boost your chances? You get an additional two entries for each of your friends who enters too, so get inviting!

Premier Club 2019

Finally, don’t forget that this year’s Premier Club is now available, representing the best-value yearly RuneScape membership package you can get!

Perks include the stat-boosting Premier Club Artefact, free daily keys, Premier Club Reward Tokens and, on the highest level Gold tier, loads of extras such as access to the Premier Club Vault, VIP Premier World, VIP Premier forum, badges for forum/chat and a monthly prize draw. Gold members also get the new Valkyrie outfit complete with wings and an assortment of weapons!

Mobile Changes, Various Bugfixes and new Merch

As each day passes, we get closer to the 30th October and the full release of Old School RuneScape  And U can buy OSRS Gold on Mobile . We’re constantly looking at ways to improve the mobile experience, and with this week’s game update, we’ve focused our efforts on the opening game experience.

Tutorial Island Account Management

The Financial Advisor has been replaced in the tutorial with an Account Guide. We thought the previous Financial Advisor was rather unhelpful as he gave some pointless information, so we fired him. His replacement, the Account Guide, will provide new players with more information about various topics such as worlds, bonds and the options that can selected within the Account Management Interface.

We also took this opportunity to update how in-game links that take you to the store or account pages on the RuneScape website work. They will now log the player in automatically for both Desktop and Mobile versions. In addition, the tile displaying how much remaining membership an account has can now be selected to link players to the store, should they wish to extend their membership.

Increased scrollable area of the bank

Mobile players will now be able to make use of the empty sides of the bank interface to scroll through their bank. This gives more interface real-estate to be able to navigate through the bank.

iOS Closed Beta: Game Center Login Testing

With the continued in-game improvements to Mobile, we’ve also been looking at ways to improve things for new players. If you’re familiar with apps running on iOS, you’ve likely seen the option to login with a Game Center account.

We’re happy to announce that with this week’s game update, we’re also publishing an updated version of the iOS Mobile app that allows new accounts to be created through the Game Center! We’d love to get some feedback on this new feature, but we need your help!

The above image shows how the Game Center login screen will look. This is not the final design.

We’re aware that those of you lucky enough to be part of the current iOS Beta are existing members with accounts you’re already getting gains on, so we’d like to ask that you sign out of your account and try to create a new one using the Game Center. If you encounter any issues with this, your feedback is very much appreciated on the Old School Mobile Testing forum.

Please note: we are aware of an issue in where if the app has been open in the background for more than 15 minutes, there is a 40+ second delay when attempting to login. This will be resolved in a future release and so there’s no need to include it as part of any feedback.

To play the full mobile version the moment it’s released, make sure to pre-order on the App Store or pre-register on Google Play and be notified the second it goes live! Check out our dedicated news post for full details and what will happen if you already have access to mobile through the beta.

If you’re playing on Android, then we’d like to thank you for playing Old School RuneScape and contributing its development! If you’re enjoying the game, please take a moment to leave us a review on Google Play.

Portal Nexus: Coming Soon!

For those of you that may have missed this week’s Q&A, we discussed the unfortunate delays with the release of the Portal Nexus, something we’d hope to have included with this week’s game update. We expect the Portal Nexus to be ready for release in the coming weeks, depending on any issues found during the QA process.

Mod Maz has been leading this project and was kind enough to provide us with an update on how things have been going so far. The following words are from her.

The above image shows the Portal Nexus room, including the various hotspots that will be available.

The project is now in testing! This means that the majority of dev is complete and we’re down to feedback points and any bugs that QA may find. The most enjoyable thing about working on this project was actually how satisfying it was when I plugged the room and hotspots in and was able to add my own in a test world!

The fully upgraded Portal Nexus teleport configuration menu.

The above image shows off the rather elaborate Nexus Portal configuration menu. From here you’re able to drag and drop the various teleports you’ve unlocked into the available slots and select which of these acts as the left-click. The order in which these appear in the “Slots” list defines how they appear on the teleport interface, highlighted a little further down in this post. Once you’ve paid for a teleport, it will be permanently unlocked to use freely, so long as you keep it in the slotted list, and the Nexus Portal exists. If you unslot it or delete the nexus or room, you will have to pay again. Rearranging teleports in the slotted list or changing your left click option is free. If you remove the Nexus Portal for any reason, you’ll need to repurchase the teleport unlocks! There is a warning telling you of this to ensure you really want to remove them.

By far the biggest challenge with the Portal Nexus has to be the same reason it’s had to be delayed, for now. There was a very elusive interface bug which neither Ash nor I could find for hours. We thought it might be an engine bug, but it turned out to be a component that was blocking clicks that was unhidden when it should have been hidden. Because the component was an invisible one… It was quite hard to see!

The fully upgraded Portal Nexus teleport screen, highlighting all of the teleport options available. The teleport in the center of the Nexus is the left-click.

In addition to this, there’s a new range of pins available, showcasing some of the most powerful weapons in Old School RuneScape with the Scythe of Vitur, Sanguinesti Staff and Twisted Bow 3D metal keyrings! We also have something rather special for those of you that didn’t make it to RuneFest this year. You can now celebrate RuneFest 2018’s themes of music and Relleka with the Neitiznot Helm and Music Skillcape Keyrings, 3D Beerkeg and Fremennik Rings Keyrings and a limited edition Dagannoth Kings Pin Set.

In Other News

  • The Puppadile now has the correct chathead and name when placed in the PoH menagerie.
  • The World map and welcome screen now respect the safezone and no longer overlap with phone notches.
  • An issue when receiving a gifted bond has been fixed. The interface is now positioned correctly.
  • Baking and burning Gnomish food within containers will no longer give additional containers under certain conditions.
  • Attempting to change your name while travelling on ships will no longer close the map interface.
  • Taking a tool from the POH tools stores will no longer make the wall flicker.
  • The settings menu for Mobile has been updated to remove any of the unused settings that were solely for Desktop players. This now means all of the information is displayed within a single interface. This of course may change in the future when more settings or options are added to the game.
  • Examining seeds in the Seed box now works as expected.
  • “Click” references when interacting with the furnace during the Smithing tutorial have been updated to say “tap” whilst on mobile. No changes have been made to the Desktop version.
  • The click box for mining Dense essence has been improved when the camera position is as high as it can be.
  • An unnecessary right-click have been removed from bank fillers.
  • Earth Warriors in the Edgeville Dungeon near the secret ghost will now give you a little grace period, during which they’ll be non-aggressive, so you can more feasibly get into dialogue with the ghost.
  • The Wise Old Man, despite his reputation as an alleged bank-robber, will now respect your bank PIN before opening his menu that deletes things from your bank.
  • The Apothecary is wiser to being short-changed and now stops making Antipoison potions for you if you run out of coins to pay for them.
  • Poison is no longer shown as a members only feature in the Hitpoints skill guide.
  • A typo has been fixed in some dialogue with the Wise Old Man during Making Friends With My Arm.
  • Making Anti-venom potions with a level boost will now be stopped as soon as you drop below the level required to make them.
  • Various missing icons have been added to the map.
  • The scrying character for the Theatre of Blood no longer offers her services in Lumbridge and at the Grand Exchange on the permanent Deadman world. Scrying remains possible on that world from the Theatre’s lobby.


Survey Time: Guide The Future Of RuneScape

At Jagex, we are always looking to our players for help and guidance on the future of RuneScape games, both current and upcoming. We are running a survey to ask players what RuneScape means to you, and hear about other games and activities that you spend your time on. Players who didn’t receive an email invitation earlier this month now have the chance to participate.

Those who complete the survey will be entered into a prize draw to win one of fifty $50 Amazon vouchers (or your stated country’s equivalent currency). On top of this, five lucky participants will also receive a huge 60×40 cm (23 ½”x15 ¾”) print map of Gielinor!

To select and contact prize winners, and validate you as a RuneScape player, we will be asking for your in-game display name/character name as it appears in chat. Please note that we can only award prizes to surveys that are completed!

So, if you want to guide the future of RuneScape and win prizes, follow this link to take part!

GameBlast ’18: Schedule & more

It’s the weekend you’ve all been waiting for: GameBlast and (potentially more than) twice the gains, all rolled into one – a double whammy! Read on for further details, including more information about the charity: SpecialEffect, the full live stream schedule and how you can get involved. Here at 4RSGold, you can buy Runescape Gold(RS3, OSRS) for gaming , in order to gain great advantages in the Runescape. Instant delivery, always full stock, 24/7 Live Chat (English, Français, Deutsch, Español), guaranty of the cheapest trade. Secure payments by : Paypal / Paysafecard / Neteller / Überweisung / WesternUnion.

So what’s GameBlast? In short, it’s 24-hours of fun, live streamed in support of a good cause – all while you enjoy Double XP Weekend in game. We’ve got events, competitions, crazy challenges and more. You’ll even get an exclusive LootScape reward just for tuning in! Check out the schedule below.


What does SpecialEffect do?

SpecialEffect puts fun and inclusion back into the lives of people with physical disabilities by helping them to play video games.

By using technology ranging modified joypads to eye-control, SpecialEffect is finding a way for people to play to the very best of their abilities. But they’re not just doing it for fun. By levelling the playing field, they’re bringing families and friends together and having a profoundly positive impact on therapy, confidence and rehabilitation.



Item Time (UTC)
Welcome to GameBlast 12:00
Team Challenges 1 13:00
Mod Mac’s Energising Dance Class 14:00
Team Challenges 2 15:00
Codemasters & Dirt4 16:00
Team Challenges 3 17:00
A Thousand Clue Scrolls 18:00
Gaming Pictionary with Mod Wolf 19:00
SpecialEffect: Dr Mick Q&A / Obv Jack Gaming Session 20:00
Team Challenges 4 21:00
Frontier Developments & Planet Coaster 22:00
Team Challenges 5 23:00
Hide & Seek Old School Runescape 00:00
Team Challenges 6 01:00
JMOD Trolling with Mod Archie 02:00
Team Challenges 7 03:00
Hide & Seek Runescape 04:00
Team Challenges 8 05:00
Frontier Developments & Elite Dangerous 06:00
Team Challenges 9 07:00
The Indie Gaming Hour 08:00
Team Challenges 10 09:00
The Epic Final Showdown of Doom 10:00
Final Hour 11:00


Get involved

Buy Bundles

GameBlast 2018 Bundle
Tickety the GameBlast pet (shown below), the Tickety plushie, the GameBlast shield and a ‘The GameBlasted’ title – all for just 400 RuneCoins!

Relic Bundle
All the cosmetic goodies GameBlasts gone by, including the ’14 Tunic, the ’15 Outfit and the ’16 Amulet, Balloon and Cape – only 200 RuneCoins!

Head in-game Friday at 00:00 game time and click on the GameBlast interface for more details. Grab them before 23:59 game time on Monday!

Bid in the auction

We’re also hosting an eBay auction with all sorts of novelties for you to bid on, including Mod Ash’s mug (yes, THE mug), an exclusive title, a gameplay session with the team at Bungie on Destiny 2 and a pair of tickets to the forthcoming Speed Machine festival courtesy of Codemasters and Dirt4! Just go on over to the GameBlast eBay page to see what’s live and bid away. It’s already started, so don’t wait around!

Twitch Bits

Donate on Twitch using Twitch Bits! Did Mod Sween just down a disgusting smoothie? Did you spot Mod Osborne falling asleep mid-sentence? Once you’ve bought your bits, just type ‘cheer’ into the chat window on Twitch, followed by the number of Bits you want to use.

Straight-up donate

You can contribute to GameBlast directly using our JustGiving page – just remember to leave a message so we can shout you out on the live stream! Those of you based in the UK can also donate £5 by mobile using text code: JXGB99 £5 to 70070! It’s as easy as that.


One last thing…

Everything Jagex receives the above will go directly to SpecialEffect. What’s more, for every £10,000 we receive in donations, we’ll ramp up the XP bonus for 30 minutes during the 24-hour live stream!

See you in Gielinor!

Mining & Smithing Beta | Zodiac Festival

To-do list for this week:


  • Get the new Amare outfit. Look drop-dead-in-the-Wilderness gorgeous while you…
  • …rack up prizes in the new Zodiac Festival event, without forgetting to…
  • …help out Mods Jack, Deg, Tomb and Shogun by taking part in the Mining and Smithing Beta and letting them know what you think of the content!



Mining and Smithing Beta

Unleash your inner critic this week for your first look at Mining and Smithing 2.0, chockablock with new core mechanics to tinker with to your heart’s content. There’s the ore bag, upgrading equipment, decorating equipment, heating with the forge, non-competitive rocks, new tiers of metal and much more! We want your feedback on all of it.

No need to sign up and no need for membership. Just jump right in. Once you’re there, you can live your best life. Dreaming of 99? Here, you can be whichever level you like; what matters is getting your mitts on every bit of Mining and Smithing beta content we currently have on offer – no barriers, no restrictions. It’s all at your forge-hardened fingertips.

When you arrive in the beta world, you’ll find yourself locked into one small area with all the Mining and Smithing content you’ll need. You won’t have access to anything else, including the Artisans’ Workshop, cannonballs, mining outfits, auras, familiars and the toolbelt as these haven’t yet been updated.


The Zodiac Festival

Celebrate in-game with our new event: The Zodiac Festival! Each day we’ll give you a new task to complete within three days in exchange for Zodiac Talismans, which you can cash in for mystery boxes (filled with XP and Zodiac costumes) and the occasional unique reward: the Zodiac Shield Override, the Tea Service Resting Animation or maybe even Foo the Foo Lion pet.

Head over to the Events tab to get started and hand in your Zodiac Talismans – as many as you like, no cap – to Yinteng, just north of Lumbridge Crater. Ironman? All the above still applies, sans experience.

You have until the 25th. Have fun!

Amare Outfit

Love is in the air, as they say, and we’re certainly feeling the pheromones. That’s why we’ve whipped up the new Amare outfit! Exclusive to Solomon’s General Store, this entrancing ensemble is sure to get sparks flying. Ready to get your Cupid on?

Patch Notes

Highlights this week’s patch notes:


  • Deposit boxes now include a right-click ‘Deposit All’ option.
  • The amount of times a player can be caught thieving in Prifddinas now starts to cool down after being caught once.
  • A ‘don’t ask me again’ option has been added when declining a special Slayer assignment. This can be re-enabled via dialogue options with the relevant Slayer Master when asking about special assignments.
  • An issue preventing Premier Club Bronze and Silver members upgrading their membership has been fixed.
  • The following improvements were made to slider puzzles, in particular the ones used during hard and elite clue scrolls:
  • They are now much more responsive to control
  • It is now possible to invert the keyboard controls using a checkbox on the interface
  • There is now a ‘check’ button on the puzzle box interface to highlight incorrectly placed tiles


Visit the patch notes forum thread for the full list.



Make sure you tell the boys your feedback on the Mining and Smithing beta here!

The RuneScape Team



Tune in for our live streams every month to get in-game goodies!

Just connect your RuneScape account to your Twitch account and tune into one of our Tuesday, Friday or Sunday live streams to get your free stuff!

This February we’ve got the Deep-Sea Fishing animation override, ready for the content release later this year.

Live Streams this Week

Each week we livestream Q&As, in-game events and more. Watch our streams and find out more information about our streams over on our Twitch channel. Check our YouTube channel too for recap videos of streams you may have missed.

Tuesday, February 13th – 17:00 UTC (Game Time) – Mining and Smithing Beta Playthrough

Mod Jack and Mod Deg will be taking players through the new Mining and Smithing Rework beta, showcasing all the potential content and asking for your feedback. Hop in and join them live on Twitch and YouTube!

LootScape will be enabled, and the item for February – the Deep-Sea Fishing animation override – will be a guaranteed drop.

Sunday, February 18th – 19:00 UTC (Game Time) – PvM with Mod Lee

Join our resident PvM expert with another mass this Sunday!

LootScape will be enabled, and the item for February – the Deep-Sea Fishing animation override – will be a guaranteed drop.

Dimension of the Damned Finale

Thank you all for your patience; the time has finally come for the best 1,000 PvMers to test their mettle and vie for a place in the top ten.

The Dimension of the Damned finale kicks off Saturday 18th November at 8pm GMT (game time), but you should aim to get in for around 7:30pm GMT. If you’re late, you’ll miss out.

Not in the finale, but still want a piece of the action? Tune in on Twitch 7:45pm GMT!

Here’s a reminder of what’s up for grabs:

All Finalists

  • The esteemed ‘…of the Damned’ title.

Top 50

  • The esteemed ‘…of the Damned’ title.
  • A special Dimension of the Damned-style pet to accompany you on your Gielinorian adventures.

Top 10

  • The esteemed ‘…of the Damned’ title.
  • A special Dimension of the Damned-style pet to accompany you on your Gielinorian adventures.
  • Your name engraved on an in-game statue in Gielinor for all to see for two weeks.
  • Two years of standard membership.

Top 5

  • The esteemed ‘…of the Damned’ title.
  • A special Dimension of the Damned-style pet to accompany you on your Gielinorian adventures.
  • Your name engraved on an in-game statue in Gielinor for all to see for two weeks.
  • One year of Gold Premier Club membership followed by lifetime standard membership.
  • An all-expenses-paid trip to the Jagex offices.

The ultimate champion

  • The esteemed ‘…of the Damned’ title.
  • A special Dimension of the Damned-style pet to accompany you on your Gielinorian adventures.
  • Your name engraved on an in-game statue in Gielinor for all to see for two weeks.
  • An all-expenses-paid trip to the Jagex offices.
  • One year of Gold Premier Club membership followed by lifetime standard membership.
  • The exclusive ‘King/Queen of the Damned’ title.
  • A tidy sum of 200M GP for you to spend or save as you see fit.
  • An IRL zombie statue to commemorate your achievement.

Tune into the livestream for more information on when these rewards are going in-game.

Good luck, zombie hunters. May the braaaaains be ever in your favour!

Runescape Invention Batch 2 Launch

Recovered from Double XP Weekend yet? Not so fast. Invention batch 2 launches today, so there’s oodles still to sink your teeth into.If you need a trustworthy Old School Gold and Runescape Power Leveling site to help you level up, Ogpal is one of the best choices. With more than 11 years’ experience in the market, Ogpal always provides the most professional services. There is no spams at Ogpal. You can check real reviews to know more about us.
Make way, make way! Invention batch 2 has arrived, and with it, some eagerly awaited additions and tweaks to our youngest skill.Let’s start with the big’un: machines. Brand new to Invention, these can be used to automate a selection of tasks slowly over time, even while you’re offline. All you need to do is keep your generator topped up with divine charge. Talk about AFK.To get ready for the new build of Runescape, maybe you want to buy some Old School Gold to skip over the boring time and make the game more fun. In that case, I recommend you a safe and efficient Rs Gold seller,
You can have up to six of these – including duplicates – and each has two tiers. Plus, you’ll get your own workshop to tinker away in, which can be found in the new room at the back of the Invention Guild. Here’s what’s on the menu:
The Alchemiser, which bestows your items with the gift of high alchemy, turning them to gold.
The Auto Disassembler, which breaks down your items into useful parts and components.
The Plank Maker, which turns your common or garden logs into beautiful planks.
The Partial Potion Producer, which whizzes up your herbs and pops them into vials. It won’t make a complete potion, but it’s a welcome time saver.
The Automatic Hide Tanner, which…yeah, you guessed it. It tans your hides to make leather.
We’re also introducing 12 new devices, many of which fill the post-level-99 gap rather snugly. At the risk of further whetting your appetites, here’s a sneak peek:
The Separator, which removes gizmos from your equipment without damaging it (equipment must be at least level 15).
The Divine-O-Matic, which harvests energy – and memories if you’re so inclined – while you train Divination and turns them into Divine Charge, which you can use to power your shiny, new machines.
Another thing: we’ve nabbed the Spring Cleaner and the Tight Springs from Treasure Hunter and added them to our growing device range. Both can be constructed at an Invention workbench – but first you’ve got to discover the blue prints!
What else is there? Well, Invention batch 2 comes with a plethora of benefits for high level augmented items – including drain rate reductions and, at level 20, an increased chance of perk activation. Plus, we’ve had our ears on the ground, and we’ve taken on some of your suggestions and made some important QOL tweaks:
We’ve removed inspiration. Gone. Finito!
Augmentors are now tradeable.
You can now hide the cogs on your augmented equipment (outside of PvP, anyway).
We reworked the 120 Invention emote to make it harder, better, faster, stronger.
Don’t worry, it hasn’t escaped our notice that all this is happening after Double XP Weekend. You’ll still be able to get the 50% XP boost from blueprint discovery for the next two weeks.

More details you can click this link:

The Deadman Autumn Invitational

The final area of the Final Hour is announced, plus we have some exciting tweaks for the Winter Season!If you need a trustworthy Old School Gold and Runescape Power Leveling site to help you level up, Ogpal is one of the best choices. With more than 11 years’ experience in the market, Ogpal always provides the most professional services. There is no spams at Ogpal. You can check real reviews to know more about us.
The Deadman Autumn Invitational starts on Monday 18th September at approximately 12pm UTC. We’ll put the countdown until the Invitational’s kick off on all of our social feeds, plus we’ll be posting it right here in the news section too!
The Invitational will conclude with the Final Hour, which we’re incredibly excited to host live from RuneFest 2017! We’ll be streaming the Final Hour live from at 4pm UTC.
We’ve got all our Deadman Mansions streamers playing on stage and the event will be hosted by Mods Archie and Sween! Shoutcasting the Final Hour we have PureSpam and Skiddler.
RuneFest is jam-packed full of content, including the Final Hour at 4pm UTC. Click here to see the full schedule.

Whole information about this article please check:

The Runescape Month Ahead – September 2017

Mod Mark’s here to tell us all about what’s coming up in September.No Player can play a certain MMORPG without virtual money or currency, most games use gold as the virtual currency.In Path of Exile, we don’t have gold or silver, but we have to use RS Gold to level up our equipment. Because of this, many players choose to buy Old School Gold from a reliable and trustworthy website.

Balthazar’s Big Raffle

Before we talk about the future, let’s talk about now: Balthazar’s Big Raffle is already in-game, offering a multitude of sought-after prizes including Golden Godswords, Warpriest Armour and Deathtouched Darts.

Until the 2nd of October you’ll be eligible for two raffle tickets each day: one from Balthazar, who can be found by the Burthorpe lodestone, and an extra ticket either from Gilly Willikers the clown (he’s usually capering around lodestones throughout Misthalin and Asgarnia) or by completing daily challenges. There’s a different prize for each day of the week, and whether you spend your tickets or save them is up to you. Check out the raffle prizes on offer here.
Don’t worry if you’re not a winner. For every five tickets you use, you’ll receive one piece of Gilly’s clown outfit, and all unsuccessful tickets will bestow a small prismatic star…just in time for Double XP Weekend!

Runescape Recent Achievements

Balthazar’s Big Raffle has already kicked off, so get involved and claim some of those glorious prizes. But for now, read on and find out what’s on offer today.

We’ve improved the UI with a slick new layout and a streamlined user flow. That includes a host of new Paths to guide players through Gielinor.

We’ve also introduced RuneScore, which calculates the sum of your achievements. You can send this to your friends and use to measure your performance against other players.

If you’re feeling competitive, simply right click on your friends and select compare. Want to check out the RuneScore of someone you’re not friends with? Assuming their settings allow for it, you can now right click and examine. And don’t worry: if you’re feeling shy, you can always amend your privacy.

Next up, we’ve bulked out the list of things to do with loads of new achievements – particularly those focused around PvM – plus a new subcategory to help you navigate.

We have new achievements for minigames too, as well as some more playful, miscellaneous ones. Do take a look, and stay tuned for further updates in the future.

If you need a trustworthy Old School Gold and Runescape Power Leveling site to help you level up, Ogpal is one of the best choices. With more than 11 years’ experience in the market, Ogpal always provides the most professional services. There is no spams at Ogpal. You can check real reviews to know more about us.