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Madden 18’s First Patch Update Now Available

EA Sports has released the first Madden 18 update, and it’s now available for download on both XBox One and Playstation 4. Update version 1.02 is EA’s first attempt of the new Madden season to address various issues players have come across. The main areas addressed with this patch include general fixes to bugs in the game and in certain game modes such as franchise and online Head-to-Head.

Graphics and General

This patch update addresses issues with graphics and display such as with the Pittsburgh Steelers fans waving ‘Terrible Towels’ that appear to be black and grey instead of gold and black. Also, Online Head-to-Head games now have 5 minute quarters as opposed to only 4.

Other improvements to the general look and feel of Madden 18 are also included in this first update of the young season. The ball, for example, has been tuned to appear just a little smaller. This update patches up an issue with a framerate drop after the ball is snapped, but that is only on the Playstation 4 and not the XBox One.

Gameplay Patches

Small in-game gameplay issues were also patched up with this update. The biggest issue addressed that you might notice immediately is the effectiveness of ball carrier moves on opposing defenders.

The next set of improvements you might notice right away come on the defensive side of the ball. EA improved the ability of Zone Defenders to break on the ball while it is in the air. Beware of this patch as it might affect your ability to complete easy passes while your opponent is playing a zone defense. Other tuning updates to the defense include increased block shedding ability against inside zone runs out of the Shotgun formation, and an increased effectiveness of the pass rush to ‘get home’ when the opposing QB holds onto the ball too long in the pocket.

Franchise Fixes

Other areas of gameplay this patch addresses include the reaction of sideline players to big plays or important moments in the game, and fixes to the stability of the game, which will eliminate crashes and ‘softlocks’ that players have been experiencing. In Franchise, a small scheduling issue with Preseason Week 2 was addressed along with another scheduling glitch in Week 5’s NY Giants and LA Chargers matchup.

These are just a few of the more important areas the first Madden 18 update patch addresses. There are many other smaller fixes that update 1.02 makes to Madden 18.

What areas of gameplay have you noticed that need addressed? Are there any glaring glitches you’ve noticed? What areas of gameplay do you think need tuning? As always, feel free to share your thoughts with the rest of the Madden School community in the comments section below.

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