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Runescape Summer Invitational

July 1st’s Summer Invitational is our first Old School-exclusive event in the United States, and we’re intent on making this Final Hour the best we’ve seen. We listened to the feedback from the last Invitational and we have made a number of changes to guarantee an intense finish.
Barbarian Village will play host to the Final Hour. The shortage of choke points will ensure a repeat of the furious battles of previous events.Here at you can buy runescape gold and get it delivered fast & securely within a few minutes 24/7. We have hundreds of millions of Runescape Old School gold for sale. Buying RS Old School gold has never been easier. Pay by sms, mobile, phone, bitcoin, paysafecard, credit card, prepaid card, PayPal, bank transfer, iDEAL and many other payment options.
The final safety area will consist of a 9×9 grid in the centre of the village. The shrinking of the map will be done over the course of 6 evenly spaced phases. A timer will appear in the top-right corner of your screen to indicate whether you are in an area which will remain safe or will kill you.
Be sure to lock in to the RuneScape Twitch channel at 9pm BST/4pm EST/1pm PDT on July 1st and witness the slaughter of the final hour and to see who takes home the $20,000 prize.

OSRS The Alfred Grimhand Bar Crawl Mini-Quest Guide

We are sharing with you a simple guide on how to get through the Alfred Grimhand Bar Crawl mini quest. As well as people looking to buy runescape gold, we have had a few people talk about this quest as well.

Step 1: Before you start this it is important to note that you will need 268 GP. To start the quest go to the Barbarian Outpost and talk to the guard. He will give you your Alfred Grimhand Bar Crawl card.
Step 2: This is a very simple quest and all you need to do is go to the following bars and buy a drink.
Blurberry’s Bar
Drink: Fire Toad Blast (10 gp)
Forester’s Arms
Drink: Liverbane (18 gp)
Flying Horse Inn
Drink: Heart Stopper (8 gp)
Dragon Inn
Drink: Fire Brandy (12 gp)
Dead Man’s Chest
Drink: Old Supergrog (15 gp, but you also need 30 gp for the boat ride to the island)
Karamja Spirits Bar
Drink: Ape Bite Liquor (7 gp)
Rusty Anchor Inn
Drink: Black Skull Ale (8 gp, but you also need 40 gp for the boat ride to Port Sarim)
Jolly Boar Inn
Drink: Olde Suspicious (10 gp)
Blue Moon Inn
Drink: Uncle Humphrey’s Gutrot (50 gp)
Rising Sun Inn
Drink: Hand of Death Cocktail (70 gp)
It is a very simple quest to do and most of your time is spent walking around looking for the different bars. The good folks at, RuneHQ have actually made a handy little map showing where the different bars are which makes The Alfred Grimhand Bar Crawl mini quest even easier.

Concerning the menaphos request with igvault

We learned all about Menaphos here, its shining streets ready to accept explore.We are in that full of jobs, corrupt beasts, mobile graves with the environment. This is harder than any estuaries and rivers and lakes ahead of the update, although that is only – the particular pyramid spikes inside and finds each secret that Gordon Metropolis is held.Runescape gold gives you freedom, enables you to continue your experience and enjoy new adventures in new realms of unexplored worlds.Buy rs gold at cheap prices at IGVault!
With all the aluminum palace Emil begun to pursue Jack’s spades, as follows:
1, 88 Slayer, Icthlarin’s Little Helper
2, tolen Hearts, Diamond in the Rough
3, sophanem fantastic dungeon
4, 50 agile, the construction of these own characteristics, divination, for the city, prayer, produced the magic natural stone.
In the sophanem fantastic dungeon, the grave, we have sent the device the previous few days, the city provides three new jobs (except spades): crocodile cry, our northern guys.
Of course this is simply not all, but the city’s hectic with other content is available and secretly excavated. The ultimate way to experience it is always to go there to be able to explore every “. Find your very own wealth, grab it really is reward, and discuss your findings together with other communities: menaphos. What you may do, do not forget that there are a 5% XP elevate activity menaphos and also sophanem killer dungeons next eight weeks.
Here is the most definite spot. Open weekend begin June 9, 12: 00 UTC, this kind of weekend we work an open weekend: 72 hours totally free account can choose and feel the contents of estuaries and rivers and lakes associates. If you are thinking about joining us inside Gordon City, the decision is somewhat easier! So you might be already a associate?
Believe us, it could be a good time for a few friends to enter your chosen game. Into the job will allow new players being caught up and be involved in the new estuaries and rivers and lakes enlargement. This means that it is possible to fall into menaphos.
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Those 7 Sins For Runescape

We understand that you choose to found yourself in because we are the best place to RS Gold online. But as we are really big fans of the game ourselves, we are always looking at fun and interesting videos and blogs to share with you guys and wow do we have a treat for you today!Igvault is a safe place to
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People uncovered the video tutorial identified as Any 7 Sins For Runescape which happens to be within the basically even released impressive Myspace tv channel, rswillmissit. This business are known for earning Runescape films designed to can even make everyone bust a gut. They’re just significant devotees within the match together with your films clearly show any funnier edge within the Runescape network.

Nevertheless, genital herpes virus treatments enjoyed regarding this video tutorial was initially the manner in which that this have 7 sins for Runescape together with we were looking at things the fact that a lot of people who have got portrayed Runescape will most of bond with. With regards to collection is usually extremely spot on utilizing points that happen to be sorts of aggravating during the match and while competitors undertake him or her. It’s the laughs wherein it’s most of given brings about meant for an extremely interesting together with appealing video tutorial your decide one that many of us is unable to endorse everyone see tremendously a sufficient amount of.

With slinging people prior to you happen to be point 99, experiencing aggravating operator leaders together with performing as the girlfriend to build zero cost solutions happen to be just a few of the situations one can find at this point together with bust a gut anytime rswillmissit refer to him or her. We will need to mention that many of us own spotted examples of these sins together with most people at the office have the best bust a gut paying attention to the video tutorial.

Sophanem Slayer Dungeon

The Sophanem Slayer Dungeon is a Slayer Dungeon located in south-west Sophanem. Killing monsters within the dungeon requires level 88 Slayer and completion of Icthlarin’s Little Helper.Buy runescape Gold by paypal without confirmation from Safe Store IGVault a professional Runescape 3 gold seller.


The dungeon can be easily reached through the following methods:

Teleport to Pollnivneach, and take a carpet to Sophanem, running south upon arriving.

Use the rocky entrance near the starting point of Icthlarin’s little helper and run south upon arriving in Sophanem.

The fastest method is to use a Sophanem Slayer Dungeon teleport tablet. The ability to craft them is gained upon reaching rank 4 with any of the Menaphos factions.

Use the Menaphos Lodestone, go through the gate connecting the two cities and run south-east. Using this method requires completion of Contact!.

Teleport to the Luminous wisp colony south of Sophanem via a Max Guild’s skill portal and head north for the dungeon.


Corrupted scorpion

Corrupted scarab

Corrupted lizard

Corrupted dust devil

Corrupted kalphite guardian

Corrupted kalphite marauder

Corrupted worker

Salawa akh

Feline akh

Gorilla akh

Crocodile akh

Scarab akh

Imperial mage akh

Imperial ranger akh

Imperial warrior akh


To kill the monsters in this dungeon, the feather of Ma’at is required in the player’s inventory. One is consumed for each kill, unless the player has unlocked the overall reputation reward slayer feather buff at 141, 900 reputation, which has a chance of preventing the feather from being consumed. They can be obtained from Shifting Tombs, or from the Menaphite guard outside the dungeon.

There are twelve different types of monsters in the dungeon; six are labeled as “corrupted”, while the remaining six are labeled as “akh” (soul devourer). Both of these can be assigned by Kuradal, Morvran and Sumona (some monsters can be killed for another task, e. g corrupted kalphite marauders for a kalphite task). The first half of the dungeon contains corrupted creatures, while the second half contains soul devourers. As players venture deeper into the dungeon, stronger monsters will be encountered.If you need runescape gold for your lucky game,you can reminder the IGVault,24/7 online service,safe sale process,100% clients satisfaction.


Will We Lose the Fire Cape When we Get the New Infernal Cape?

As we all know, OSRS has updated the Inferno on June 1, 2017. If we wish to enter the city of Mor Ul Rek, we need to make a sacrifice of a Fire Cape. Will we lose the fire cape when we get the new infernal cape? OSRS gold has declared that you will not lose your Fire Cape while doing this. But what will happen after we exit the game? We still own it? It’s time to make it clear.
Why we need to make a sacrifice of a Fire Cape?
Because we must convince the TzHaar we’re worthy. And a sacrifice of a Fire Cape plays a part.
Do we have to sacrifice a fire cape for each attempt?
No. It’s a one-time sacrifice.Buy rs gold by paypal without confirmation from Safe Store IGVault a professional runescape 3 gold seller.
Will we still own a fire cape after we exit the game?
We will tell you some details about the use of the fire cape before we answer the question.
1. You just need to show the guard your fire cape when you enter the city of Mor Ul Rek. There is no sacrifice here.
2. You have to make a one-time sacrifice of your fire cape when you want to begin the battle with the inferno.
3. The new infernal cape will be sent to you as a reward after you win the inferno.
4. Once you decide to make a sacrifice, you will not get your fire cape back.
Risks and opportunities
We are encouraged to dive into the Inferno to prove our skill in case of if we happen to get an infernal cape. We will be thrilled with the reward, right? In addition, whoever is the first to obtain the Infernal Cape will be greatly rewarded beyond anything we’ve ever done before. And the only risk is a fire cape. It is worth to have a try.
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