Runescape Solomon’s General Store

Solomon’s General Store is a microtransaction store released on 17 July 2012. The store is run by a genie known as Solomon Madini.Solomon’s General Store was updated on 3 September 2013 following the merge with the Members Loyalty Programme, allowing certain items from both stores to be purchased with each others’ currency.Buying runescape gold here at IGVault is safe,it promise you to pretect you privacy ,and sale fast with lowest price.Buying profession service for your lucky game.
Solomon’s General Store sells a variety of unique personalisations and items that is applied to the player avatar in the form of a cosmetic override, or otherwise enhances gameplay in many different ways. Most transactions in the store are done with Runecoins, which can be purchased with real world money, or redeemed with Bonds. Since the merge of the Members Loyalty Programme, a handful of merchandise were given the option to be purchased using Loyalty points. However, items that were once a part of the programme remained Loyalty points exclusive (except most titles). Members are given a permanent 10% discount applied only on the Runecoins cost of every item in the store.IGVault provide a huge amount Runescape 3 gold for player with friendly prices, we have a glorious feedback in most of game plays by ours professional services .
Solomon’s emporium, located south of the Grand Exchange in Varrock, is carved flamboyantly after an elephant in wood. The entrance is furnished with four mannequins, bearing two male and two female, which is used to display newly released commodities. The main hut in the centre leads to the main store itself, while the doors on the both sides lead to the Pets (yellow paw symbol) and Customisation (cyan shirt symbol) interfaces respectively.
Alternatively, the General Store itself can be accessed from the Extras tab, distinguishable by the mark of a gold pendant with a ruby embedded. The Pets and Customisation tabs may also be opened through the Hero and Gear tabs respectively, rendering the General Store functions useless.
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Runescape Already Known Bugs

This thread contains a list of commonly reported defects found within the game that our development teams are already aware of. The QA team prioritise each bug based on its severity and impact on the player or the game.
It’s worth noting that we don’t have a runescape gold team that solely work on resolving live bugs, so lower priority bugs can linger a little longer than high priority bugs due to the workload of the development teams.
It’s important to remember that this is not an entire list of all the defects in our backlog, there are more – however we have provided a summary of the commonly reported bugs so the community know what we are aware of, and what you do not need to report in-game.
We have broken the list down into 4 categories:
Recent Update
This list will be refreshed each week and the bugs listed under this category are related to the most recent update. Come the next update, any unresolved defects within this list will be merged into the other 3 categories.
This list contains commonly reported defects that are related to Gameplay. E.g, an object’s function is not working correctly, an NPC is not responding when it should, ability to smuggle items, or earn GP unnaturally (anything functional, that was not intended).
This list contains commonly reported defects that are related to graphics. E.g, environment or map bugs, animations, player or NPC models, visual issues of objects/items.
Text & Audio
This list contains commonly reported defects that are related to Text/Audio. E.g, spelling or grammar errors, incorrect information in game interfaces or faulty audio/sounds.
Commonly Mistaken as Bugs
This list contains issues that people commonly mistake to be bugs but are intended features.
If you are using the NXT client, please check here for the already known bugs that are linked to the NXT client.

New Supreme Stars – Double Bonus XP&Rs Gold

The skies are afire with XP goodness – from 00:00 UTC (game time) on 24th May until 23:59 UTC on 29th May, collect all-news supreme stars on Treasure Hunter for twice the Bonus XP &Runescape gold of regular fallen stars.

It’s as simple as that. Load up on these little slices of heaven and aim straight for that next big training goal, or pick up those last few recommended levels for Menaphos.

What is Treasure Hunter?

Treasure Hunter is playable from within RuneScape, allowing players to use Keys to claim in-game items as prizes. These range from useful resources to rare weapons and exclusive gear.

Playing Treasure Hunter is simple – click the treasure chest icon that pops up when you log in. If you’ve not played before, just follow the on-screen guide.

Everyone gets at least one Key per day, and RuneScape members get two. You can earn more Keys while playing the game, or stock up by redeeming Bonds.

If you’d like more, you can also buy Keys and rs gold on the IGVAULT, or by clicking ‘Buy Keys’ within the Treasure Hunter interface in-game.

Runescape gold Custom Skies & Competition

Menaphos is getting close and Buy cheap RS Gold at 4rsgold, and we’ve got a got a ion of cool in-game events on the way that’ll get you in the mood for some desert adventuring.

Not least of these is the Double XP Weekend, which kicks off at 12:00 UTC (Game Time) on 19th May. Also on 19th May, the Countdown to Menaphos begins, giving you rewards each day you log in until the gates open.

Until then, see Gielinor in a different light with Mod Shauny’s breathtaking Custom Skies update.

Updated Skies & Screenshot Competition

Custom Skies is exactly it sounds like – the option to change the look of RuneScape’s skybox and apply a ion of visual filters. By combining these, you can bathe Gielinor in a bright glow, a moody haze, or anything in between.

Get started by ing ‘Visualise’ on the Orb of Oculus. You can now also access all of the Orb of Oculus functions without the artefact itself, but right-clicking the World Map icon. Why not share your glorious views with the community for a chance to win some Bonds? See Mod Shauny’s competition thread for details.

Countdown to Menaphos

Double XP’s not the only reason to get in game during the lead-up to Menaphos. Join us daily in the countdown to the grand opening! Click the icon displayed when you log in to open the Countdown interface.

Each day that you log in 19th May until 4th June, you can claim a reward. Lamps, stars, meteorites, skilling packs and lanterns are among the goodies on offer.

Note that each reward is only available on its given day, and only non-Ironman accounts with membership are eligible.

Once Menaphos goes live, you’ll be able to access the chest shown in the Countdown interface and receive a duplicate of each reward you’ve claimed, making launch day all the sweeter. You’ll have until 12th June to claim the contents of the chest. Enjoy!

Double XP Weekend – See You There!

Have fun with Double XP this weekend. Remember – there’s still time to prepare. Check out our top tips video for the best ways to get ready:

The RuneScape Team

In Other News

It’s Account Security Week, and our awesome Customer Support Team have a series of events lined up for you – in-game and out. See the Account Security Week news for more.

See the patch notes for further details of today’s update.

Live Streams this Week

Each week we stream Q&As, in-game events and more. Watch our streams and find a full streaming schedule over on our Twitch channel.

Check our YouTube channel, too, for all of our previous streams, including the last Road to Menaphos stream on Skilling Tombs.

A new Slayer Dungeon and 120 Slayer will be an essential part of Menaphos, so it’s time we told you some more about it!

Tuesday, May 16th| 16:00 Game Time | The Road to Menaphos: Slayer

With Menaphos comes the arrival of 120 Slayer, and an awesome new Slayer Dungeon. What does this mean for you, for combat as a whole, and what kinds of things will you be able to slay within the bowels of the Golden City? Find out in this week’s live stream!

And if you haven’t already, make sure you watch the third instalment of the Road to Menaphos video series!

Watch 16:00 Game Time! Sunday May 19th | 18:00 Game Time | PvM with Mod Lee!

Get your weekly dose of PvM goodness with Mod Lee – don’t miss it!

Runescape gold Shattered Worlds

Stride into the Abyss for madcap battles in Shattered Worlds runescape gold : the new combat minigame.

Slaughter your way through procedurally generated maps packed with a mash-up of RuneScape environments, enemies and mutator effects, surviving ever-increasing difficulty for as long as you possibly can.

Push your limits in this test of skill, adaptability and endurance and claim some amazing new rewards, including sigils: new gear that grants powerful temporary effects.

How to start

Speak to the Abyssal Knight Commander in Lumbridge Swamp.

RuneScape Membership

There are no level requirements, but level 40 in at least one combat skill is recommended.

Reality as we know it teeters on the edge of a seething mass of chaos: the Abyss. Once kept at bay by powerful magical seals, it now threatens to boil over into Gielinor.

In aid of the Abyssal Knights, you’ll enter Shattered Worlds alone, and fight through bizarre maps filled with strange creatures. You may bring your own gear and consumables, or be provided with some gear to use while you’re there. Note that should you bring your own gear, it will still degrade as applicable, and consumables will be used as normal.

As you progress through the worlds, not only will the difficulty increase, but mutators will be applied – persistent effects which change how you and/or your enemies behave for the duration of your run.

You might find yourself vampyric – able to leech the life force of your foes…or you might find that enemies explode into hordes of zombie chickens when you kill them. These – and many stranger things – await you when you step through the portal.

Eventually, you will fail – but fear not. Shattered Worlds is safe death, and the challenge lies in defeating your personal best score – and those of your friends.

You’ll find three weekly challenges to test your mettle, and earn you bonus rewards. Try the gold challenge for a real test of your combat skill!

Brave Shattered Worlds and the rewards will be rich. You’ll receive reward currency (and a rare chance at a pet) in a chest at the end of your run. Speak to the Quartermaster outside the Shattered Worlds entrance to spend your reward points.

These new pieces of gear give powerful benefits when activated – either the hotbar or the Worn interface itself. They have no passive benefits – it’s all about the active effects. They sit in an all-new equipment slot.

Activating a sigil puts it on cooldown, along with all other sigils. No swapping out to stack effects – you’ll need to choose what you want to use carefully.

Sigils have charges, and can be recharged at the entrance to Shattered Worlds. We may introduce sigils in the future that degrade to dust.

As for the sigils released today, there are three:

Sigil of Slaying – Increases earned Slayer XP by 10% for 30 seconds. Sigil slot cooldown for 60 seconds.
Ferocious Sigil – Kuradal’s slayer dungeon NPCs will instantly respawn on death for 30 seconds. Sigil slot cooldown for 60 seconds.
Aggression Sigil – Immediately forces nearby monsters to attack you. Sigil slot cooldown for 20 seconds.


There are two new combat techniques to be learned, too:

Bladed Dive | Basic Ability, 65 Attack, Dual Wielding
Leap towards the target location or enemy. If an enemy is targeted, you’ll deal damage to it and all adjacent enemies upon arrival. If enemies hit by Bladed Dive die within 3 seconds, Bladed Dive’s cooldown is reset. Note that Bladed Dive does not share a cooldown with Barge, Escape or Surge.

Salt the Wound | Threshold Ability, 60 Ranged
Deals 188% weapon damage to the target, plus an additional 18% weapon damage per stack of Punctured on the target. This also refreshes the duration of Punctured.

When purchased, also upgrades your existing Dazing Shot to apply the Punctured status effect. Punctured stacks up to 10 times and deals a small amount of damage over time.
Slayer Masks
All previously released slayer masks are available for purchase at the Shattered Worlds reward store.

Note that it is not possible to acquire additional copies of masks the store, nor are spirits of battle available.
The Abyssal Hound is a rare drop Shattered Worlds reward chests (which can be opened after completing a run of worlds or after completing a weekly challenge).

The evolving Anima Creature can be purchased the Shattered Worlds reward store. The pet has nine tiers which can be purchased, each of which changes its appearance.
And more!

That’s not all – there’s also cosmetic Abyssal Knight armour overrides, Slayer XP lamps, and Slayer contracts to be completed within Shattered Worlds.

Whew! That’s a lot to take in – but Shattered Worlds is one heck of an update. You’ve never experienced RuneScape combat like this before, so buckle up and have fun.

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