Runescape The Month Ahead February 2017

It’s bifold XP time, with even added XP up for grabs than normal. There’s a abstruse new quest, too, and a agglomeration of new allowances for inventors and owners of skillcapes alike!

Double XP Weekend

The big account this ages is the Bifold XP Weekend, which starts at midday on the 17th of February. The accustomed bifold XP carelessness runs until midday on Monday the 20th, but were aswell abacus some added bonuses until the 27th of February, abnormally for those of you who accept added affairs that weekend. Every amateur will get an added XP acknowledgment during that afterward anniversary – up to 1 actor XP’s worth. This will be a abundant time to alternation those slower abilities which tend to get larboard out over the active weekend. Look out for a account column with added information, and watch out for the ‘Time To Train’ accident to advice you get all the abstracts you allegation for those adored gains.

Game Jam

During the Bifold XP Weekend, we will be active a RuneScape Bold Jam in the appointment and you peeps can get complex as well. We will be alive on small, allusive projects with the aim to absolution a agglomeration of them over the afterward weeks. A lot of of the account will appear suggestions on Reddit and the forums, and over the Saturday and Sunday there will be several reside streams area we will amend you on our advance and accept to your feedback. We will aswell accept channels set up to babble to Jmods while we aren’t streaming. So why not tune in and get complex while cutting out those levels?


We consistently acquisition time for JMods to analyze their claimed adroitness and to plan on updates they absolutely wish to acquaintance as players. This ages were absolution one such project, a abstruse 5th age adventure that’s allotment of a plotline we haven’t explored for abounding years. It’s a activity that Mods Nexus and Helen were so amorous about, and if they told us about their abstraction we just had to accord them the abutment to get it launched! However, continuing the clandestineness affair we talked about beforehand in the year, I won’t accord you added advice than that – I admiration if you can plan it out yourselves. Let me apperceive on Twitter what you anticipate it is.

Veteran Cape

Soon, Hans will assuredly be able to duke out his new adept cape to our a lot of loyal, abiding players with 15-year old accounts. It comes with a appropriate emote, of course, and we’ve added a new emote to the 10-year cape too to celebrate! It consistently amazes us how committed those continued appellation players are, so now’s your adventitious to appearance off your awesomeness.

Invention Tools

Also this month, Firemaking and Smithing will be added to the set of abilities accurate by apparatus tools. Look out for new aggrandized hammers and tinderboxes, including the clear ones, and 5 new apparatus perks, like the Prosper advantage which allows you to accretion clue scrolls while skilling, and the Pyromaniac perk.

Skillcape Perks

Talking of perks, the ninjas accept added a advantage to every individual skillcape, anniversary of which offers a accessible advantage if application that skill. There’s all sorts on offer, like the Herblore advantage that automatically cleans all your begrimed herbs or the Apparatus advantage that slows down your allegation cesspool rate. You’ll be able to accept up to 3 of these allowances to use on your Max or Completionist capes, if you own one!

Finally, don’t overlook to get complex in this month’s Valentine event. There’s adulation sprites ample as you breach down adherence rocks and fix up accord machines with your apparatus skills. Plenty of rewards anticipate those with allowance in their hearts, like new airing and blow animations, admired up boodle beams and your own adulation sprite pet. Awwww.

Have fun, and wooters out!

What is a Behind the Scenes article?

Behind the Scenes is a bastard blink at the planned bold updates that we achievement to barrage in the advancing month.

This, however, is alone a plan – not a affiance – that a accurate amend will be appear in a accurate way or at a accurate time. To get you the accomplished superior updates as bound as possible, we usually accumulate on tweaking and testing appropriate up until the moment afore release, so sometimes things change or yield a bit best than expected. We aren’t abashed to change our plan if necessary, as we will never barrage an amend afore it is ready.

Runescape Morchella mushroom

The morchella mushroom is a high-level ingredient used in Herblore. Its main use is to make prayer renewal potions, which can be done by adding them to a fellstalk potion (unf), requiring level 94 Herblore. Players can also use 25 of them as payment to protect their Elder Tree patch disease.

They can be grown at level 74 Farming in the mushroom patch near Canifis or the patch in Isafdar, by planting a morchella mushroom spore. Planting the spore yields 160 Farming experience. Harvesting them yields nine mushrooms that give 77.7 Farming experience each, for a total of 859.3 Farming experience per cycle. These mushrooms grow after three 80 minute farming cycles, for a total growth time of four hours.

After completing the Morytania Medium Tasks, the Canifis patch will not become diseased.

After completing the Morytania Elite Tasks, the amount harvested will be doubled 9 to 18; however this boost does not apply to the experience gained.

Morchella mushrooms are based on their real-life counterparts. They are commonly referred to as “morel” mushrooms.

Unlike most Farming crops which you can interact with by hovering over most of the patch, you must hover your cursor over one individual mushroom to interact with these. It does not matter which one.

Runescape Cleansing crystal

A Cleansing clear is an account acclimated to absolve the Corrupted Seren Stone in the Hefin basilica in Prifddinas. It can be purchased Hefin monks for 110,000 bill anniversary or acquired via pickpocketing the Hefin workers. The abundance bushing amount for cleansing crystals is about 1 every 10 abnormal with a max abundance abundance of 5 cleansing stones.

If a cleansing clear is acclimated completely, afterwards interruption, it will accommodate 9,800 Adoration experience. This is a amount of 11.22 bill per experience. It takes two account and four abnormal for a clear to be absolutely drained. Up to 29 stones can be acclimated in an hour, accouterment about 294,000 acquaintance an hour, at a amount of -3,300,000 coins.

Alternatively, if the Voice of Seren is anecdotic the Hefin Association district, a cleansing clear will accord 20% added experience, for a absolute of 11,760 experience. This is a amount of 9.35 bill per experience, accouterment 352,800 acquaintance per hour at the aforementioned absolute cost.

Cleaning crystals will accommodate bifold acquaintance during Bifold XP Weekends.

Prayer XPEdit

Experience is acquired during three phases in the afterward amounts (Voice of Seren in parentheses):

2,100 (2,520) anon if starting to absolve a crystal

19 chunks of 275 (330) every 6 abnormal while cleansing, starting 3 abnormal afterwards the antecedent experience

2,475 (2,970) if finishing a crystal, 3 abnormal afterwards the final baby block of experience

An added 5% acquaintance can be acquired if beneath the furnishings of a absolute amulet adoration aromatic or absolute additional potion. The acquaintance accustomed can aswell be added by cutting the aboriginal age accouterments and activating the salvation, corruption, or accord aura. Generic acquaintance boostsincluding benefit experience; association avatars; and the wisdom, enlightenment/illumination, and blithe aurasalso addition acquaintance as expected. And clashing added appropriate adoration training methods, such as alms basic or ashes on player-owned abode altars, the acquaintance acquired cleansing crystals can be angled during Bifold XP Weekend.

If a clear is absolutely apple-pie while cutting the Tirannwn convulsion 3 or 4 and there are added crystals agitated in the inventory, the next clear will automatically be acclimated to abide cleansing. This can beforehand to training with basal interaction, if ample numbers of crystals are bought in advance.

The amateur should be accurate if beat while a cleansing clear is getting used. If a misclick or added activity occurs that may arrest the process, the clear will vanish and the amateur will not accretion the actual experience. One can chat, circle the camera, and use a lot of interfaces afterwards arresting the process.

An another adjustment of application crystals is to again restart the cleansing action for the antecedent acquaintance only. With this method, there are 5 ticks (3 seconds) amid anniversary clear getting consumed, giving 2100 acquaintance each. At best speeds, this after-effects in a best of 1200 crystals per hour consumed, giving 2,520,000 acquaintance per hour (excluding acquaintance boosts) at a amount of 132,000,000 bill per hour (52.38 bill per experience). During Hefin Voice of Seren, this increases to 3,024,000 acquaintance per hour (excluding added acquaintance boosts) (reduced to 43.65 bill per experience).

Other accessible boosts:

Clan Avatar (+3%, +6%)

Refer a acquaintance (+10%)

Corruption, Accord and Conservancy auras (+1%, +1.5% (greater), +2% (master), +2.5% (supreme)). Acumen auras (+2.5%, max 100,000).

Perfect amulet adoration aromatic or absolute additional aromatic (+5%).

Runescape Win an Amazon Echo

One Piercing Note on Alexa | Win an Amazon Echo!

Amazon Echo users can appointment the apple of Gielinor in RuneScape Quests – One Piercing Note: an alternate audio-adventure call of the archetypal RuneScape quest, with abundant audio assembly and top-notch, able articulation acting.

To bless the launch, we’re giving abroad 10 Amazon Echo devices.

Head to our antagonism on Facebook (you don’t charge a Facebook annual to enter), acknowledgment the condoning catechism and abide your data for a adventitious to win.

It’s a abundant prize, so don’t absence out – the antagonism closes on the 12th of February. Please apprehend the antagonism T&Cs and FAQs afore entering, and acceptable luck!

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Runescape Invention Hammer and Tinderbox

Runescape Invention Hammer and Tinderbox

Invention: Bang & Tinderbox | 15-Year Adept Cape

This anniversary we’re aperture up new avenues for Invention, with augmentable hammers and tinderboxes and new allowances to match.

There’s aswell a big acknowledgment to those of you who’ve been with us the longest – the 15-year adept cape.

Read on for added details.

Invention: Bang & Tinderbox


RuneScape membership

22 Invention

Once you’ve aggregate abundant Inspiration to alleviate the all-important blueprints, you can ability the Hammer-tron and Tinderbox-o-matic. You can aswell augment the clear tinderbox and hammer.

These engineering marvels can again be loaded with the acceptable apparatus allowances of your choice, including these new additions:


Prosper All May acquisition clue scrolls while skilling 1

Pyromaniac Firemaking 0.1% adventitious per rank to bake all logs of the aforementioned blazon 5

Rapid Smithing or Firemaking 5% adventitious per rank to acceleration up anniversary activity 3

Breakdown Smithing 20% adventitious per rank to automatically detach smithed items 5

Tinker Smithing or Firemaking 1% adventitious per rank for anniversary activity to admission +10% XP 3

15-Year Adept Cape

Another year has anesthetized and as Gielinor grows anytime greater and added expansive, it’s time to bark out to those of you who’ve been with us the beginning.

RuneScape would be annihilation after its loyal fans, so for those of you who’ve been with us for 15 years or more, Hans has a aboriginal adept cape in the works.

The aboriginal of you will be able to get your easily on it the 23rd of February.

Today, we’ve aswell added an another emote to the 10-year cape, accessible as a right-click option.

Wear it proudly, and – a lot of chiefly – accumulate adequate the game!

Enjoy! Runescape gold for sale at

Have an aggressive anniversary of RuneScaping, guys. See you in-game!

Runescape07 Silver Jewellery Tournament World QoL

Silver Jewellery & QoL

This anniversary sees the absolution of Argent Jewellery, as able-bodied as the acknowledgment of Clash Worlds & a accomplished host of QoL updates.

Silver Jewellery

An all new ambit of jewellery, with a array of effects!

Silver jewellery is created in the aforementioned way as you adeptness gold jewellery. However by itself it is created application Argent Confined and Opal, Jade and Red Topaz.

It will be accessible to allure all altered types of gem-holding argent jewellery application the absolute allure spells begin on the accustomed spellbook. Level 1 Allure for Opal, Level 2 Allure for Jade and Level 3 Allure for Red Topaz.

Unchanged the aboriginal design, the jewellery will action the afterward furnishings if enchanted.

Click to enlarge.

The altered jewellery able to be crafted out of argent confined and semi-precious gems are broadcast throughout the low to mid levels of Crafting. The acquaintance acquired will be just lower than what gold jewellery offers at agnate levels. Buy RS Gold Form 4rsgold.

Tournament World

The Clash World returns, but with a few new surprises!

With maxed accounts and admission to the clash accumulation chests, you’ll accept the adeptness to handcraft your absolute set up every time, acceptation aggregate comes down to skill.

However this time, we’re abacus in all new Raids rewards as able-bodied as aperture up Castle Wars to accommodate a little variety. So if you’ve anytime capital to analysis out Rigour or accord Dragon Claws a go, now’s your chance!

Whether you’ve been amphitheatre Old School Runescape for a anniversary or a decade, clash worlds are the absolute way to advance and hone your PvP abilities. Or just could could cause some annihilation in the arena.

The Clash World will be accessible for the continuance of QoL month, so get in there and could could cause some chaos!